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Barry Kamrad
Founder & President

Barry is an accomplished business services entrepreneur who started his career in the aviation industry after obtaining an Aircraft Engineering degree in the early 1980s. He worked at Pan American World Airways and two airport FBOs but a slowdown in the airline industry caused him to seek other career options. An opportunity in the hospitality industry took him through a decade of stores and multi-unit operations management experience, reaching the position of Director of Support Services at Vie de France, a multi-national chain of French Bakery Cafés. Wanting to gain additional knowledge regarding technology applications in business, he furthered his studies in the areas of Software Engineering and Systems Administration. With these additional qualifications and his experience in business operations, he then worked at some of America’s largest technology and telecom companies including MCI (now part of Verizon), AT&T, and IBM. Utilizing these decades of education and experience, he decided to form certain Professional Services Companies that would help businesses improve their profits through productivity-optimization practices and enable them to focus on their core business while having these companies do the rest.

Although Barry started his first business in 1990, by 2000 he had become a full-time entrepreneur and has since successfully set up several other businesses providing processing and optimization services to growing companies. His greatest passion is to help senior leaders and teams convert their organizations into principled workplaces and become top performers through productivity optimization practices.

Don Grage

Don Grage
Director of
Process Automation

Don has an M.B.A. from Georgetown University who has been helping growing companies optimize their technical, financial and business operations for over 20 years. His expertise covers software and database development, data analysis, finance, project management, client services, strategic planning and general operations.

In 1993, he co-founded and managed a multimedia software company, Potomac Interactive Corporation, which became a multimillion profitable company within the first three years of its inception.  In 1997, Potomac merged with a similar firm, NetResponse, and then merged with iXL, another startup by Don, having operations in the US and Germany. The success of this venture in the US by 2000 took Don to revitalize the iXL operations in Germany which he achieved within six months of his being SVP of Operations & Client Services.

From 2001 to 2002, Don oversaw the business and marketing aspects of Gene Logic’s entry into enterprise bioinformatics software. Traditionally a genomics information company with a strong software capability, Gene Logic launched the successful Genesis Enterprise System in mid-2001. This was followed by Don’s joining the Support Functions group of companies. He has played a key role in automating processes for clients. In addition to his role as the Director of Process Automation at Support Functions, Don is 9Ware’s Managing Director.

Kellen Furness

Kellen Furness
Director of Data Analytics

After obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree from the McIntire School at the University of Virginia in 1986, Kellen spent 3 years on the account management team of Goldberg Marchesano, a leading advertising and marketing firm in Washington D.C. Primarily supporting regional and national marketing for IKEA and COMSAT Consumer Satellites, Kellen gained a strong foundation in client strategy and customer support.

In 1989 Kellen joined Parcel Plus, a national Pack & Ship franchise as Director of Operations. Rising to V.P. of Information Technologies, she spearheaded the company’s electronic commerce initiatives, including managing the design, production, training, technical writing, sales, and marketing for auctionship.com, eBay’s first Internet-based pack & ship partner. Kellen left Parcel Plus in 1997 after helping to build the company from 16 stores to 125 industry-leading stores.

With years of experience in managing software projects, in 1998 Kellen earned her certification in software design and engineering. While at AT&T and IBM as a Java developer specializing in customer accounts, Kellen met Barry Kamrad. Together with other partners they formed the backbone of what would become the Support Functions group of companies to serve the optimization needs of businesses.


Saud Munawar
Director of IT

Saud Munawar manages Infrastructure and Cloud Services at Support Functions Inc. His core expertise is strategic leadership for delivering end-to-end IT services and cloud solutions that enable customers to accelerate innovation and achieve their business goals.

Prior to Support Functions, he served as the IT Manager of Support Services at the International Republican Institute. During his tenure at IRI, he improved the overall quality and efficiency of IRI’s IT Support Services Division and played a significant role in establishing a system of reliable networks in over 40 international field offices.

Saud has over 8 years of experience in the IT industry after getting his Bachelor of Science Degree in IT from the University of Central Florida. He also holds multiple technical certifications spanning various technology platforms.

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