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Employee productivity and talent management services

Hiring & Job Descriptions

Background Checks

Consumer Credit Reports, Criminal History Record, Drivers’ History Report (DMV), Education Verification, Employment History Verification, Cursory Nationwide Criminal Index Database Search (CNID), and many others as per your need.

Pre-hire Assessment

Thorough screening to measure an individual’s work ethics, reliability, integrity, attitudes.

Job Performance Profile

Complete job description, orientation and monitoring for maximum output.

Job Suitability

Evaluation of the individual relative to the qualities required to successfully perform a specific job. Used throughout the employee life cycle for selection, on-boarding, managing, and strategic workforce planning.

Hiring and Termination Policies

Complete review and updating of compensation packages including incentive structures, retirement planning, severance pay etc.

Performance Improvement

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The job function of each department is analyzed and a benchmark for performance is determined. Employees are made aware of the performance indicators and monitoring methods so they can work towards productive job performance.

Goal Achievement and Teamwork

Alignment of employee with company vision, plans, methods and how to work within a team towards defined objectives.

Skills Testing and Training

Interactive program to measure knowledge and skills (pre and post hiring) followed by customized training and monitoring for peak performance.

Manager Effectiveness

Assessments and consultations with team to evaluate their effectiveness and help them prioritize their own development opportunities.

Excellence Maintenance

Principled Workplace Environment

Thorough orientation and policy implementation to ensure that all employees work in a fair and responsible manner. Creation of an environment where matters are discussed openly and expectations made clear.

Company Specific Documentation

Total documentation with flowcharts, detailed process manuals, checklists and briefing of every stage to ensure smooth application by any employee.

Succession Planning

Identifying and developing qualified employees to advance and eventually be ready to take over key business leadership positions.


Customized training, workshops and seminars, to help employees deliver maximum output. Sessions include job responsibility, job knowledge improvement, communication skills enhancement, time management, leadership techniques, and so on.

Assessment Products

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