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Are you facing one of the top two challenges most growing companies face?

Best Human Capital Services in VirginiaHow can you cut costs and optimize resources
for maximum output?
icon-twoHow can you prepare your organization for expansion
and a higher growth rate?
Or perhaps there are other problems affecting growth & profitability which you are seeking a long term solution for. Click here to see a typical list of problems.
Support Functions can help your organization achieve higher growth and profitability by improving the productivity of your Employees, Technology, and Processes. Applying our unique Maximum Productivity DPO System®,we give you practical solutions to cut costs, reduce waste, make operations smooth,
and greatly improve the overall output of all resources.
Improve Employee Productivity


  • Job Suitability & Preparedness
  • High Engagement & Top Performance
  • Motivation & Teamwork
  • Turnover Reduction
IT Infrastructure Security Support


  • Scalable & Resilient IT Infrastructure
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Secure Cloud Services
  • Software & Hardware Optimization
Business Process Improvement Solutions


  • Maximum Automation
  • Smooth & Efficient Operations
  • Total Systems Documentation
  • Reporting & Analysis
The Support Functions Maximum Productivity DPO System® Diagnose Business Business PlanningBusiness Process Automation
Our DPO System® is built on the logical process of Diagnose, Plan and Optimize (DPO). After thoroughly evaluating each aspect of your operations, we design and implement practical solutions that are best suited for your business. We give you an entire outside team of experts to optimize your business from the inside, at a much lower cost of hiring a team of employees to get the same results.

Besides a higher return on investment from improved output and cost reduction, you will get more time to focus on growing the business instead of resolving operational and productivity issues. An association with Support Functions will give you the powerful support you need in the background, so you can focus on what you do best while our experts do the rest.


What Our Clients Say…

  • “Our company manages hundreds of thousands of purchase transactions routinely; a gasoline delivery is made by our transportation company every five minutes, 365 days a year from New Jersey to Tidewater, Virginia. All aspects of information technology and related support are provided by Support Functions who superbly manage all of this through highly skilled professionals, a positive and uplifting approach, and treat this company as their own! The tremendous operational need for IT leadership, direction, vision, technology and implementation enhancement, and dedication have all been met or surpassed by the Support Functions team, and to go above and beyond the normal scope of responsibilities willingly, constructively and always with the intention of helping.”

    Andre L.
    V.P. Operations
    Petroleum Marketing Group
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  • “Support Functions people have worked hand-in-glove with Glory Days Grill personnel and have proven themselves to be self-reliant dedicated entrepreneurs. They have been responsible for improving virtually every aspect of our business including procurement sourcing, security of assets, hosting and managing our server farm, quality control; project management; sales development, income statement accountability and a full range of other responsibilities. Not only did they perform these functions and tasks in a thorough fashion, but they were also a significant contributor to building the integrity of our brand and enhancing the overall Glory Days Grill reputation. Support Functions is knowledgeable, confident and the strongest outside services company that we have ever used.”

    Jeff N.
    President and Co-Founder
    Glory Days Grill
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  • “Once we formalized our partnership, we found that they exceeded our expectations. From continuously monitoring our network, to building our virtual infrastructure, to providing excellent support by responding to any issue at any time (something vital in our 24/7 business), we have been extremely happy with our decision. Thanks to them we feel our network is secure and working efficiently. We continually turn to them for advice and recommendations whenever needed for any aspect of our business. Support Functions has and continues to be a very knowledgeable, professional and reliable partner!”

    Alonso G.
    Chief Financial Officer
    E & C Mid-Atlantic Ventures LLC
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  • “The Support Functions family of companies have been serving us since the founding of our company in 1996. At critical growth junctions, Support Functions has been our trusted partner in transitioning our IT systems to meet our growing needs. Their deep knowledge of our industry has enabled them to strike a critical balance between providing the necessary infrastructure while keeping the expenses under control. They regularly keep us informed as to the technological opportunities for us to maximize our productivity. When it comes to technical support, while our agreement is for a 24-hour response time when issues arise, they regularly respond to our needs within minutes. The Support Functions team manages a number of systems and programs for us, be they IT-related, Inventory management and distribution of certain supplies, or data processing.”

    Bob G.
    Glory Days Grill
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  • “Our petroleum hauling business involves deliveries to over 800 retail and wholesale sites and we manage hundreds of thousands of transactions every year. Our previous IT infrastructure was unstable and inefficient, resulting in huge productivity losses and delays in recovery. Support Functions took the lead in overhauling our entire IT Infrastructure to make it secure, stable and efficient. The biggest impact they have had on our business is their reliable Disaster Recovery services for backing up and replicating our entire critical IT infrastructure. The Support Functions team is very committed to ensure that our IT is always optimized for peak performance. Their constant testing and process improvements keep things running smoothly and our IT systems are now well prepared to handle the rapid growth we are experiencing.”

    Christopher G.
    General Manager
    Quest Transport LLC.
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