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IT & HR Solutions for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

For more than 20 years, we’ve helped businesses succeed by improving productivity in three core areas: employees, technology, and processes.

If you’re a growing small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), you have big challenges:

  • You need to scale up, but without slowing down.
  • You need to grow, but without sacrificing quality.
  • And above all, you need the operational core of your business — employees, technology and process — to work together more efficiently than ever before.

That’s a lot to handle. Here’s how
we can help!

Support Functions helps SMEs scale up intelligently and sustainably. We do this by offering integrated productivity solutions: solutions that aim at holistic improvement across the core areas of a business’s operations. We can help you grow faster — and smarter — by making sure your company is firing on all cylinders.

Three Ways to Maximize Your Productivity

HR Solutions

Boost Employee Performance
Reduce Turnover
Improve Motivation & Teamwork
Succession Planning

IT Solutions

Augment Your Existing IT
Build a Resilient Infrastructure
Business Continuity/Data Backup
Improve IT Security


Automate Processes with IT
Enhance Operational Efficiency
Improve Reporting & Documentation
Develop Robust Procedures

What Our Clients Say

We cannot say enough about Support Functions that would
accurately reflect their value to this company.”

Andre L., V.P. Operations, Petroleum Marketing Group

Thanks to Support Functions, our IT Systems are now well
prepared to handle the rapid growth we are expecting.”

Chris G., Director, Quest Transport, LLC

Once we assign them a project, they can be counted on to execute it from A to Z in a reliable and honorable manner.”

Bob G., Co-Founder, Glory Days Grill

Support Functions stood out from all the others we spoke
with. We have been extremely happy with our decision.”

Alonso G., Chief Financial Officer, E&C Mid-Atlantic

Support Functions has been responsible for improving
virtually every aspect of our business.”

Jeff N., Co-Founder, Glory Days Grill

Since engaging with SupportFunctions in 2020, they have proven themselves not to be an average IT consulting firm. SupportFunctions are not just “consultants” but rather part of our team.

Shawn P. Beighle, Chief Technology Officer, American Councils For International Education

Experienced Executives. SME Focused.

Support Functions has an experienced and diverse leadership team. Some of our executives have worked at major multinational corporations like IBM and AT&T. Others have been the founders of successful startups, or have served as leaders in the nonprofit world.

  • They come from a management background, and understand the critical importance of productivity to an organization’s bottom line.
  • They made a conscious career choice to work with growing SME’s instead of within a large corporate structure.
  • They are committed to principled leadership and to ethical sustainable business practices.

Meet the Team

Support Functions | Barry Kamrad
Barry Kamrad

Founder & President

As Founder and President of Support Functions, Barry has turned his career-long passion for principled leadership and process optimization into a growth engine for SME’s.

Barry began his professional life in the aviation industry, obtaining an Aircraft Engineering degree in the early 1980s and then working at two Northern Virginia FBOs and Pan American World Airways. An industry-wide slowdown led Barry to accept an opportunity in hospitality, which turned into a decade of successful multi-unit operations management. He eventually reached the position of Director of Support Services for Vie de France, a multinational chain of French bakery cafés.

At this point in Barry’s career, the tech boom of the 1990s was just getting underway — but he could already see the promise of technology applications in business, and decided to further his studies in the areas of Software Engineering and Systems Administration. With these additional qualifications, and his years of experience in business operations management, Barry went on to work with a number of leading technology and telecom companies, including MCI (now part of Verizon), AT&T, and IBM.

Although he found his work in the corporate world rewarding, Barry’s true passion had always been helping senior leaders and teams convert their organizations into principled workplaces and become top performers through productivity optimization practices. For this reason, Barry decided to establish a number of professional services companies dedicated to helping SMEs grow and prosper. He started his first business in 1990, and by 2000 had become a full-time entrepreneur leading the Support Functions group of companies.

Support Functions | Don Grage
Don Grage

Director of Process Automation

Don has been helping growing SMEs to optimize their technical, financial, and business operations for more than 25 years. His expertise covers software and database development, data analytics, finance, client services, project management, strategic planning, and general operations.

After graduating with a BS in Physics from UCLA, Don went on to earn an MBA at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

In 1993, he co-founded and managed Potomac Interactive Corporation, a multimedia software company that grew into a profitable, multimillion-dollar enterprise within three years. In 1997, Potomac merged with a similar firm, NetResponse, and then with iXL, a company with operations in the United States and Germany. By 2000, the venture had become so successful in the US that Don headed to Germany to revitalize the iXL’s operations there. He achieved this goal within just six months of becoming iXL’s SVP of Operations & Client Services.

Between 2001 and 2002, Don was tapped for a leadership role by Gene Logic, a genomics information company with a strong software capability. He oversaw the business and marketing aspects of the company’s entry into enterprise bioinformatics software, culminating in the successful launch of Gene Logic’s Genesis Enterprise System in mid 2001.

At this point in his career — already a highly successful startup founder and an accomplished business leader on two continents — Don joined the Support Functions group of companies.

With his unique combination of technical expertise, leadership ability, and startup experience, Don plays an integral role in helping Support Functions’ customers automate processes and achieve strong, sustainable growth.

Support Functions | Saud Munawar
Saud Munawar

Chief Technology Officer

Saud manages Infrastructure and Cloud Services at Support Functions. He is an accomplished leader whose core expertise is delivering end-to-end IT services and cloud solutions that enable customers to accelerate innovation and achieve their business goals.

Saud graduated with a BS in Information Technology from the University of Central Florida, and went on to earn his MS in Computer and Information Systems Security & Information Assurance at George Mason University. In addition, he holds multiple technical certifications spanning a variety of technology platforms.

Saud has over 12 years of experience in IT management roles. Before joining Support Functions, he was IT Manager of Support Services for the International Republican Institute, a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to advancing democracy and freedom worldwide. During his tenure at IRI, he improved the overall quality and efficiency of the nonprofit’s IT Support Services Division and played a key role in establishing a system of reliable networks in over 40 international field offices.

At Support Functions, Saud helps SMEs prepare for rapid growth by implementing robust, reliable, and scalable IT infrastructure and practical, cost-effective cloud solutions.

Support Functions | Kallen Furness
Kellen Furness

Director of Data Analytics

Kellen brings over 35 years of successful business and management experience to Support Functions. She has used her technical skills and her decades of business experience to help SMEs leverage technology for optimal productivity, profitability and growth.

In 1989, Kellen joined Parcel Plus, a national Pack & Ship franchise, as Director of Operations. Rising to VP of Information Technologies, she spearheaded the company’s electronic commerce initiatives, managing the design, production, training, technical writing, sales, and marketing for, eBay’s first Internet-based pack & ship partner. Kellen left Parcel Plus in 1997 after helping to build the company from 16 stores to 125 industry-leading stores.

At this point in her career, Kellen had seen the tremendous potential of technology to transform the business landscape, and had already been managing software projects for years. Her sense of what was on the horizon, along with her love of learning, led her back to school to learn to code. After earning a certification in software design and engineering, Kellen took on a development role at AT&T and, later, IBM.

It was at AT&T that Kellen met Barry Kamrad — and in 2000, she co-founded 9Ware (one of the Support Functions family of companies) with him. Since then, she has used her technical skills and her decades of business experience to help SMEs leverage technology for optimal productivity, profitability, and growth.

Let’s Maximize Your Productivity Together

To learn how Support Functions can help your business to grow, contact us today to book a free 30-minute consultation.

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