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Optimized processes for SMEs

For a growing SME, process optimization is one of the easiest ways to eliminate waste and boost profitability.

As your organization becomes larger and more complex, you will start to see more and more process-based risks to operational efficiency. These risks include:

  • Poor reporting and documentation 
  • Insufficient process automation 
  • Duplication of effort / wasteful processes
  •  Poor internal communication and coordination

Here’s the good news: if you have a strong IT infrastructure in place, then you have an excellent opportunity just waiting to be taken advantage of. The true promise of modern IT goes far beyond fast servers and well-secured data. Used properly, IT can improve productivity, accuracy, and analytics — and enable better, more profitable decision making.

Reporting and Documentation

In a growth phase, you find new ways to meet challenges every day. But if you don’t document your plans, systems, and processes, you’re losing some very valuable tools: tools that can help you take action quickly and with the lowest execution cost.

Our solutions make reporting and documentation seamless (and painless). They’ll help to keep your teams on the same page, and take the guesswork out of what to do when contingency measures are needed.

In addition, you’ll find it much easier to keep your processes up to date going forward. Well-documented processes are far simpler to evaluate and update — which removes the “overwhelm factor” that so often delays this important work.

Support Function - Reporting and Documentation


Support Function - Automation

There is no replacement for human intelligence. But if your employees are handling processes manually when those processes could be automated, then that irreplaceable human intelligence is being wasted — along with a fair amount of time and energy!

IT automation takes the “grunt work” out of reporting and day-to-day operations. This frees up your teams to do the creative thinking and customer relationship work that no computer system can ever replace.

We’ve found that the most common barrier to IT automation is that companies simply don’t know where to start. Our team of automation experts will work closely with you to uncover seamless, cost-effective ways to start improving productivity right away.

Dashboards and ROI Analysis

It’s hard to make smart resource investments when you don’t have all of the facts — or when the facts you have are a disorganized jumble of data!

Our reporting dashboards and ROI analytics tools solve this problem. They provide a clear, easy-to-understand visualization of margins and Return On Investments, allowing you to better manage costs and get more out of your investments.

Better visibility into relevant data will also help you with buying and planning decisions. If you can see how to get more out of your existing resources in the present, then you won’t make unnecessary investments. You can also identify trends and anticipate needs, which will allow you to better prepare for the future.

Support Function - Dashboards and ROI Analysis

Communication and Coordination

Support Function - Communication and Coordination

Communication and coordination between team members is an often-neglected piece of the puzzle when it comes to optimizing performance and profits.

If your employees don’t have a clear idea of where your business is headed, or of what they need to prioritize in their work, then they aren’t going to be as productive as you need them to be. If no one knows what anyone else is doing, you’ll most likely end up with duplication of effort.

We can help you to set up a system that allows your teams to keep up to date on major initiatives, current policies and best practices, and important company news. We can also help your managers and frontline employees gain visibility into what everyone is doing across the organization, allowing them to eliminate redundant or duplicated processes.

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