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Employee productivity solutions for SMEs

When an SME is in a rapid growth phase, employee productivity becomes more important than ever. If your team has pre-existing productivity issues, these losses will begin to scale as your business grows. An unproductive team can also slow your growth — or even reverse it. This threatens everything you’re trying to build, and may cause your top performers to jump ship. Support Functions can help you maximize your team’s productivity, and help your managers meet the challenges that come with growth. Our proven tools and systems — along with our many years of upper management experience — can help you boost efficiency, motivate employees, optimize hiring and succession planning, and build a truly principled workplace.

Motivation and Productivity

When you’re growing fast, you need all hands on deck.

But far too often, your best employees are doing more than their share of the work — without anyone in upper management even realizing it. This creates friction between team members and burnout in your top performers, resulting in turnover when you can least afford it.

Our HR solutions offer a data-driven approach to managing employee productivity.

We can show you how to allocate tasks and set priorities more sensibly and fairly. In addition, we can give you the tools you need to turn struggling employees into high performers: proven strategies that improve engagement, ownership, and teamwork. We can also work with you to establish a rigorous KPI system that tells you if your training investment is producing the results you want.

Support Function - Motivation and Productivity

Loyalty and Retention

Support Function - Loyalty and Retention

When an SME is growing, leadership is usually laser-focused on maintaining momentum and breaking sales records.

That’s perfectly natural, but there’s a hidden danger here. This intense focus on growth can lead to a neglect of the very people who are driving it: your team.

When employees feel that they’re being treated unfairly, or that they’re not valued by their organization, the result is almost always decreased performance and increased turnover. And as the “Great Resignation” of 2021 showed us, pay alone is not nearly enough to guarantee loyalty.

We can help you pin down the root causes of employee dissatisfaction within your organization — and work with you to develop actionable, measurable strategies to boost morale and attract new talent.

Hiring and Succession Planning

A growing business means a growing team. But if you don’t plan for this, consciously and deliberately, problems will arise.

Hiring the right person for the job is always a major challenge — and one that will result in wasted time and resources if you don’t get it right.

Promoting from within is the holy grail of building a senior management team. But without proper succession planning, you’ll leave a gaping hole in your organization where a key person used to be.

Our hiring tools will help you find the new employees that you need. These tools are comprehensive: they cover everything from job descriptions, background checks, and pre-hire assessments to job suitability matching, onboarding, and 30-60-90 training plans.

Our succession planning tools will allow you to identify top performers who are ready for new challenges, and give you strategies for promoting intelligently and sustainably. We also offer change management solutions to help you build buy-in among your current senior staff, turning them into your greatest champions for organizational change.

Support Function - Hiring and Succession Planning

Principled Leadership

Support Function - Principled Leadership

Over the years, we’ve developed a unique management strategy that we call Principled Leadership. It’s not based on theory, but on practice: on what has already produced results in numerous businesses, our own included.

We’ve found that companies that base themselves on the values of Principled Leadership tend to succeed, and enjoy highly motivated, satisfied teams. Conversely, organizations that ignore these values will often struggle, or even fail.

Principled Leadership is not touchy-feely advice for managers, or another corporate values statement that gets eye-rolls from the team. It’s well-defined, measurable, and intensely practical: meant to drive behavior on a day-to-day basis for every member of your organization. This is why it works — and why companies that adopt Principled Leadership see such striking results.

We can show you how to implement Principled Leadership in the way that works best for your company. You can use our tools and training materials “out of the box”, or we can help you build a more tailored version of Principled Leadership that better aligns with the language and culture of your industry or organization.

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